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Online Backgammon Glossary
Your complete Backgammon Dictionary

Just start playing backgammon and have no idea what people you are playing are saying half the time? Been playing backgammon for awhile but still get stuck by some experienced player's mastery of backgammon jargon? If you are looking for a particular backgammon term just click on the letter below and scroll down until you find it.



Eating : Another term for Bearing off.

Early Game: The first stages of play. The early game of backgammon often consists of battling for key points such as the 5 pt.

Edge of a prime: The open point directly in front of a prime. When trying to escape a checker from a blockade it is easiest to do from the edge of the prime.

Efficient Double: A double offered at a point where it is a difficult decision as to whether it should be taken or dropped. An efficient double is one that comes late in the doubling window but may still be taken.

Eject : To run with the last checker playing an ace point game to avoid
a gammon or a backgammon. When a player has one checker on the ace point facing the opponents last three checkers on the two point, it is better not to eject because you are guaranteed a shot and possibly a double shot on your next turn as long as your opponent does not roll doubles higher than double 1's.

ELO : A rating system used by many Online Backgammon to calculate the relative strength of players. Based on a formula developed by Arpad Elo. Knowing an opponents ELO usually gives you a good estimate of
how strong of a player they are.

Endgame : Positions in backgammon where one or both players have begun the bear off. The equity of positions in the endgame can be calculated fairly accurately by many players allowing them to offer efficient doubles.

Enter (re-enter): To bring a checker from the bar into your opponents home board. When you have several checkers on the bar you wish for doubles so that you can enter them all at the same time.

Equity : Relates to the odds or percentage chance of a player winning a backgammon game or match from a certain position or the value of a certain position. The equity of a position is most often used when trying to figure out whether to offer or accept a double.

Exposed man (checker): See Blot.

Extras : 1. A rule sometimes used in Chouettes when not all of the players offered a double by the box choose to accept it. Any player who refused the double may offer that cube to a player who took the double originally offered by the box as a side bet on the outcome of the game. The extra cube is offered at the same level as the original and payment would be at half the value of the cube. Another optional rule regarding extras is to make the acceptance of extra cubes mandatory.
The practice of offering extras tends to punish bad cube takes and keep everyone involved in the game. 2. Mandatory extras are sometimes used in money play when the doubler is allowed to give an extra cube at the same level if the original double is taken. The doubler pays the receiver half of the cubes value and the receiver may then use both cubes to use together or separately for future doubles. The use of mandatory extras is for players who like a little more action (aspect of gambling) in backgammon.