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Online Backgammon Glossary
Your complete Backgammon Dictionary

Just start playing backgammon and have no idea what people you are playing are saying half the time? Been playing backgammon for awhile but still get stuck by some experienced player's mastery of backgammon jargon? If you are looking for a particular backgammon term just click on the letter below and scroll down until you find it.



Fan : To fail to re-enter after being hit. Sometimes it feels as if the only time you roll double sixes is when you fan from the bar against a 1
point board.

Fast Board (Speed Board): A bear off position where all the checkers are on deeper points where large numbers are not necessary to bear off and there are no gaps to waste numbers. Usually by the time you get to use the advantage of having a fast board in the bear off, the opponent is already too far ahead in the game.

FIBS : First Internet Backgammon Server- This was the first backgammon server to allow players to compete against each other over the Internet. There are several different user interfaces you can
download for use with FIBS.

Field Goal: When a player has two men exposed close together and the opposing checker lands between them without hitting one. A field goal is a specific type of air ball.

Fish : A weak player willing to play for money against a stronger player. Jake Jacobs and Walter Trice wrote a book about matches involving unequal players called 'Can a fish taste twice as good?'.

Flexibility : Having your checkers arranged so that you can
constructively play a variety of rolls on subsequent turns. It is important to have flexibility in the early stages of the game so that you are not forced into making candlesticks.

Fly Shot: An indirect shot with only a few combinations. Late in the
game it can sometimes be better to play very safe rather than leave an unlikely fly shot that loses you the game.

Forced Move: When there is only one legal way to play a roll. Late in the bear off if you roll a set of sixes and have no checkers on the 6 pt.
it is a forced move to take off the next four highest checkers.

Forward Game: See Running Game.

Free Drop: In backgammon match play after the Crawford game when the player in the lead has the option to drop a double without reducing the number of games the trailer needs to win the match. A free drop is utilized when the trailer has an advantage from the initial roll. The free drop offers the leader a little extra equity since they are able to drop a double in a position that gives their opponent a slight advantage.

Free Drop Vigorish: The slight advantage the leader has after the crawford game because of the option to drop an early double at no cost. This occurs in Post-Crawford games when the trailer has an even number of points to go. If you had to bet on two players of equal ability where one has a free drop, you would be wiser to bet on that player due to the free drop vigorish.

Freeze a Builder: To bring a checker to bear upon a point held with
only two men by your opponent, restricting these men from being active builders. After an opponent plays an opening 6-1 by making their bar point it is good to split your back checkers to freeze the builder on your opponents 8 pt.

Front Position: A collection of blocking/attacking points in your own home board. A good front position is of little use if there are none of your opponents checkers behind it.

Frozen Cube: See Dead Cube

Full Prime: Six points in a row held by one player. A full prime is the most powerful position in backgammon as an opponent is stuck behind it until it is broken.